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DrayTEL Broadband Phone Calling

DrayTEL is an Internet Telephone service using Voice-over-IP (VoIP) enabling you to communicate with other VoIP users, as well as making voice calls to and from the regular phone network. DrayTEL can be used from anywhere you have an Internet connection and compatible VoIP hardware or software installed on your PC (such as one of DrayTek's range of VoIP enabled routers).

You can open a DrayTEL account free of charge. VoIP-to-VoIP calls are completely free of charge and calls to the regular phone network are charged at low DrayTEL rates. The DrayTEL service is available as a Pay-as-you-Go style service for calls to the regular phone network, so you have no ongoing commitment or monthly costs. You can also select UK, European and International incoming numbers to receive calls from anyone on the regular phone network. Which also include UK call plans, SIP trunking and number porting services.

NEW: You can also connect to and use DrayTEL from anywhere, using a regular phone or mobile just like a regular 'calling card' and so take advantage of DrayTEL's low rates. Dial our 020 access number from your phone and you're connected to the DrayTEL server; then you can call worldwide using your DrayTEL call credit at your standard call rate (plus the cost of the 020 call, where applicable).

For more details of DrayTEL and service costs, click here.

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New Bonus Features

DrayTEL features

  • 'SIP Compliant' VoIP Service
  • Choice of hard/software
  • Free VoIP-to-VoIP Calls
  • PSTN calls at low rates
  • Pay-as-you Go Calling Credit
  • Calling Credit doesn't expire
  • Incoming calls from the PSTN
  • Your own real phone number
  • Voice-Mail (Answerphone)
  • Call Forwarding (Divert)
  • Group Calling
  • Multi-Device Calling
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Speaking Clock
  • Fax-to-Email Service
  • Caller ID Delivery
  • CSV Call History Download
  • Withhold outgoing Caller ID
  • No membership fees
  • No subscription charges
  • 020 Access number
  • Voicemail Remote access
  • More info here!