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SIP Trunking

Increase your call capacity and the number of concurrent calls that you can make and receive through your internet connection.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunks are the equivalent of telephone lines for a VoIP system, utilising one internet connection to make and receive concurrent calls. The main difference over ISDN lines is that no physical or additional infrastructure is required when setting up SIP trunks. Bringing savings of over 60% compared to existing line rental charges, DrayTEL SIP trunking is the fast and reliable alternative to ISDN lines.

Benefits of DrayTEL SIP Trunking

  • 60% savings on line rental charges.
  • Lower call costs.
  • Flexibility and dramatically reduced provisioning times.
  • Scalability with improved business continuity.
  • UK, Europe and International DID ranges enabling you to have a global presence.
  • VoIP features and services available including number porting services.
  • Enhanced teleworking, your workers are directly connected to the central offices via VoIP.
  • Disaster recovery implementation.
  • Online account management.
  • UK based phone support for DrayTEL SIP Trunking customers.

SIP trunking provides businesses with added flexibility, improves business continuity and offers substantial cost savings over traditional telephony services.

SIP Trunking & Call Plans

The most cost effective way to obtain a SIP Trunk is to purchase one of our Call Plans. These provide inclusive minutes and 5 SIP channels as standard.

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Please note: Minimum contract period of 6 months applies. | A one-off set up charge of £10 applies when signing up to a DrayTEL SIP Trunking Package. | * The number of concurrent calls you can actually make is also dependent on your Internet connection. You will need 80kbps for a typical voice call (G.711 codec) and approximately 30Kbps if you are using a voice compression codec on your IP telephone (G.729). | ** Excludes broadband connection. | *** Only one package per DrayTEL account. | Prices listed are for UK based numbers.

SIP Trunk pricing for international DDI's varies from pricing advertised. Please call our sales team or complete the online enquiry form with your requirements.