How it Works?

VoIP telephony uses your internet connection to make calls rather than the traditional phone line.

Your phone number looks the same as a regular phone number and anybody can call you, and you can answer wherever you are, providing you have Internet access.

Calls are made and received using a VoIP phone, which looks the same as a standard desk phone or a an app installed on a mobile, tablet or a computer.

Benefits of Internet Telephony


Free VoIP to VoIP calls
Completely free calls to anyone using VoIP telephony.


Low Cost
Low cost calls to the regular phone network numbers.


Draytel is scalable and will expand with your requirements.


Call form anywhere on the planet with an internet connection.

Can I receive multiple calls?

Yes, using SIP channels which are like telephone lines for VoIP. With multiple SIP channels, you can handle several calls at once. Each DrayTEL account comes with at least two SIP channels, and you can have up to 80 SIP channels per Internet connection — saving you over 60% compared to traditional line rental.

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